3 Tips for Dealing with a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen RemodelMaybe you’ve purchased new granite countertops from us, and you’re beyond excited because now the value of your home has increased. Or, maybe you’ve bought quartz countertops to add to your kitchen for a beautiful touch. Either way, your kitchen is about to have a makeover. There are a few things to remember before demolition begins.

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Consider the following tips before starting your kitchen remodel.

Buy Disposable Utensils & Plates

If your kitchen is temporarily out of order, you won’t have access to your sink or dishwasher. To avoid turning a bath tub into the place to wash your dishes, stock up on disposable utensils, plates, and cups. This life hack will save you a lot of time!

Use Your Small Appliances

You may not have access to your full stove and oven during your kitchen remodel. So, plan your meals around smaller appliances such as a toaster, toaster oven, waffle iron, and blender. Dedicate a different room in your house to keep all of these appliances so your makeshift kitchen will be the go-to place to eat and make food.

Get Creative With Your Meals

If you don’t want to make every meal at home, go out to eat with friends! Or, if you’d rather stay home, dust off your grill and make delicious food while enjoying the outdoors. Even though your kitchen isn’t available at the moment, it won’t be long before you can display food on your beautiful new countertops.

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