Spruce Up Your Home Decor for Fall

With Halloween right around the corner (and Thanksgiving and Christmas soon after that!), decorating is on everyone’s mind. Once you’ve checked up on your kitchen, check out these tips for decorating the rest of the house:

  • New Accents. Little things make a big difference in home decor. Consider swapping out accessories like throw pillows, lap blankets, hand towels, soap dishes, and placemats for seasonally-appropriate ones.
  • New Scents. Whether scented candles or oil diffusers, spices like cinnamon, ginger, clove, and nutmeg (basically the ingredients in pumpkin spice) or seasonal fruits like apples and cranberries will give your home a cozy fall atmosphere.  pumpkins for fall
  • Seasonal Decor. Don’t forget about holiday decorations! Even if you’re not crazy about spiders and ghosts, things like pumpkins and leaf wreaths will give your home a fresh look.
  • Fall Bouquets. We tend to think of flowers in the spring and summer, but plenty of flowers bloom in the fall as well. Don’t feel you have to stick with flowers; leaves, ghostly branches, and cinnamon also make a lovely autumn statement.
  • Prepare the Fireplace. Even if it’s not cold enough for a fire yet, it will be soon! Get your fireplace ready to keep you warm and comfortable once the temperature drops.

Even if you’re not turning your porch into a haunted house, the fall is a great time to shake things up a bit. These easy ideas will refresh the look of your home in small ways. If you’re looking for bigger changes, check out the Williams Fabrication inventory of countertops!

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