Are You Cleaning Your Granite Right? Test Yourself

Granite CountertopsAt Williams Fabrication, it is no secret that granite is our speciality. Our granite will take your home from boring to extraordinary, but it is up to you to keep them shining. Are you cleaning your granite correctly? Test yourself by taking a peek at these quick cleaning tips we’ve put together to make sure your granite continues to shine.

Materials You’ll Need

Warm water
Mild or gentle dish soap
Dish cloth
Clean microfiber cloth
Isopropyl alcohol


  1. Wet a cloth – Be sure to wet the towel with warm water thoroughly with mild dish soap.
  2. Wipe the counters – Use the damp towel to wipe up any spills and remove crumbs from the counter.
  3. Dry the counters – Use a microfiber cloth to dry the counters and avoid streaks.
  4. Time to shine – Use a water and isopropyl alcohol solution to shine and disinfect the countertops.

When cleaning your granite countertop, make sure the countertop is sealed. To do this you would leave a few drops of water on the surface and if the water beads up, you have a sealed granite countertop, however, if the water soaks into the countertop, it is time to have the stone resealed. Be sure to not to use harsh or abrasive cleaners and sponges. Cleaners like Windex, and acidic cleaners like vinegar, lemon, lime, or anything with ammonia or bleach.

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