Bringing 2016 Technology into the Kitchen

kitchenIn 2016, technology has taken over and become an everyday part of many people’s lives. Technology is also starting to break into the kitchen and home improvement industry. Check out these cool gadgets that will make your kitchen smarter.

Drop. This small and powerful device specializes in bringing your recipes to life.Together, the weightless Drop Scale and Recipe app allows cooks to prepare their food while following along with the recipe. Drop’s connected kitchen scale works seamlessly with the Drop Recipes app to ensure great results every time you step in the kitchen.

Hiku. This smart device is the ultimate fridge magnet – it creates grocery lists for you! Users can tell it what to add to the grocery list or scan barcodes to create the list. Hiku adds the items to a list in an app that will be ready when you’re at the store.

DaysAgo. This digital day counter functions beyond the kitchen. Are you wondering how long you’ve had certain leftovers in the refrigerator? DaysAgo helps you eliminate that problem. Just attach the device to the food container, set it and a leave it. The counter will count the days until you return. Say “goodbye” to wondering how long the spaghetti has been sitting in the fridge.

These are just a few of the technology breaking into the kitchen industry.

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