Choosing The Right Color For Your Stone Countertop

Choosing the right color for your kitchen or other stone surface countertop is both personal and long lasting decision. There’s nothing worse than installing something you end up unhappy with! So here’s how to choose:

Granite Countertop Kitchen


I should consider a dark color stone countertop if: 

  • I am trying to attain a smoky, elegant or timeless look.
  • I’m trying to pair something with light colored cabinets.
  • The room features large windows and a good amount of natural light.

I should consider a light color stone countertop if: 

  • I am trying to attain a rustic, beach or contemporary look.
  • I have white or light colored tiles on the floor of my kitchen, bathroom or bar area.
  • The room isn’t very well lit.

If you’d like a color wheel to look at, here’s one we highly recommend!

Did this help? Great! Because Williams Fabrication has a huge selection of colors for your granite or quartz countertop decision. We serve the Greater Atlanta Area for your kitchens, bathrooms or other stone surfaces. You can check out our products as well as our updated portfolio on our site. Have more questions? Give us a call at (770) 845-0900!

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