Cleaning Hacks For Stone Countertops

Stone counter tops are those that make your kitchen or bathroom look elegant, modern and stylish. In order to keep it looking that way, it’s important to take the proper cleaning steps!

cleaning stone countertops

  • Clean up your spills! Imagine your stone counter top is like wooden furniture. When you spill something, clean it up immediately! Products like ketchup, vinegar, shampoo, alcohol, etc. have abrasive ingredients that could really stain your surface.
  • Use cup holders! These will help prevent stains as well.
  • Make sure your surface is sealed.  You should seal your stone surfaces once every year to keep them protected.
  • Use clean materials. Use sponges, towels and cloths when cleaning your counter tops and be sure to replace the old materials with something new.
  • Be careful with cleaning products. Don’t apply scouring powder, cream or any cleaning product that has abrasive ingredients. Anything acidic or that has lemon or vinegar can be dangerous. In addition, don’t use soap or cleansers, as they can leave marks and streaks.
  • Remove dust. Use a soft towel to do this!

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