Granite Countertop Care: Do’s and Don’ts!

Although it can endure a lot, taking care of your granite counter top is key to long term durability! By keeping up with basic care, you’ll help eliminate potential problems that you didn’t even know existed.



  • Clean up spills immediately! Acidic substances have the potential to stain your stone counter top, as well as cooking oils. Be sure to tidy up as soon as something is spilled!
  • Use a sponge. A granite or marble cleaning spray is key to maintaining a great counter top, however hot water can do for the time being. Be sure to use a material like soft cloth or sponges to wipe it down. Do not use dish soap or regular soap, as it can actually cause buildup (yep, who would have thought)!
  • Use pads. Be sure to use pads under your hot pots and pans. Because while it’s not likely, thermal heat can potentially crack your surface. Better safe than sorry!
  • Use cutting boards. Very sharp knives or other tools may scratch the surface.


  • Use generic cleaning products. Bleach, glass cleaner or other household cleaners will degrade the granite sealer and could cause staining. Also be sure not to use vinegar, orange or lemon cleaner or ammonia.
  • Use bathroom or tile cleaner. Soft creams or powders contain abrasives that can dull and scratch surfaces.
  • Sit or stand on it. While granite is a hard surface, they don’t have a plywood backing, so it’s possible they can break!
  • Use it as a toiletry stand. Hair products, nail products, perfumes, etc. are easily susceptible to spilling, so put these products elsewhere!

We hope these tips have been helpful for your stone counter top! If you’re looking to upgrade your counter top, consider Williams Fabrication for your next renovation! We’re located in Woodstock, GA and serve the Metro Atlanta Area. Take a look at our portfolio to see what we’ve done so far, or take a look at our products and services! 

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