New Year, New Home!

The New Year is all about a fresh start. We all have different resolutions, but what if yours is to re-energize your home? We’ve got a few tips for creating that perfect look for your home to start your year off great!

new year new home

  1. De-clutter. The best way to feel less chaos in your home is to de-clutter. Each year we rack up so much stuff that gets jam packed into drawers and cabinets it becomes hard to find everything! Get a few boxes, pack it all up and give it to charity.
  2. Deep clean. Check your house for mold, cracks, breaks, anything you think might be a hazard to you and your family.
  3. Add a few new pieces! Getting a little tired with the decor? Add a few colorful pieces to spruce up your home. Consider getting a few flower vases, paintings or new furniture pieces for something different. Even if you decide not to purchase new items, simply rearranging things you already do have can create a fresh new take on things.
  4. Keep it safe! There’s nothing more important than having a safe home. Check your locks, windows and appliances to make sure everything is secure and running smoothly. Consider installing a security system for extra safe measures!

Another great tip for a new home atmosphere is redoing your counter tops and other surfaces! Williams Fabrication is fantastic stone surfaces including granite and quartz. We have a variety of colors and have quick, quality installation! Want a sneak peak of our services? Visit our photo gallery! Other questions? Give us a call at (770) 845-0900.


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