Top Reasons You Need A Kitchen Island

Been on the fence about installing a kitchen island? You won’t be after this! Kitchen islands are fantastic for a variety of reasons; storage, functionality and charm among song. Here’s a few benefits of having a kitchen island in your home:

Countertop Island

  1. It adds storage! It depends on what kid of island you purchase, but some have cabinets built in to allow more room for storage. Use it to store glasses, containers, cans, etc.
  2. It’s great for kids. It’s a great place for kids to sit and feel involved. Make it a routine to set out their snacks and lunches there, they’ll look forward to it!
  3. Extra seating. An island is perfect for parties if you’re having extra guests over. Set up your dishes on the island and have high chairs circled around for the perfect social hour!
  4. You have endless options for customization. Islands have multiple options for material, including granite and quartz (which we have)! Granite and quartz are classy, elegant and easy to manage material that will compliment the look of your home nicely.

Looking to finish off your kitchen island? Williams Fabrication has the best quartz and granite stone surfaces in North Georgia! You can check out a full list of products and services on our site. And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for updated deals, products and more! Need additional help? Give us a call at (770) 845-0900 and we’d be happy to help!

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