3 Reasons Why Granite Is A Great Countertop Choice

Granite has been valued for years because of its durability and beauty. It’s dated all the way back to Egyptian pyramids to today’s kitchen countertops! While there are other available options, here’s 3 reasons granite has proved to be the best.

granite counter top

  1. It’s durable, and maintenance free. Granite has a holocrystalline structure, which means that the crystals that make up the stone don’t fully develop; instead, they grow into each other. This unique structure makes granite extremely durable and gives it that sort of “grainy” look.. Worried about harming it with a knife or sharp objects? Don’t! Unless you want to take a sledgehammer to it, you won’t see any damage.
  2. You have a wide range of design. There are many types of crystals, including quartz, mica, feldspar, hornblende and biotite. Because there are many types of crystals, the color of granite varies depending on which crystal makes up the majority of the given stone. The most common colors include white, gray, black, pink, and orange. Grays, greens and blues also appear, but not as often. With so many colors, you have many options; and it’s timeless!          
  3. It’s affordable. The gray, black and white stones are the most popular. This particular mix of colors comes from a blend of  hornblende and biotite crystals. Uniquely colored granite can often look like some of its more expensive counterparts so you can get a marble look at a granite price. Different finishes on the granite can also help you achieve a look-alike affect.

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