Should You Install Stone Countertops Before Selling Your Home?

When you’re selling your home, of course, you want to make sure that you do everything you can to bring the highest offer possible. It’s common knowledge that the kitchen is one of the most important areas of a home when it comes to making your home market ready. So, the question is: Should you install stone countertops before selling your home?

home for saleBefore you break out the checkbook and empty your savings for that new top of the line stone countertop, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind. Stone countertops will make your home more appealing to buyers, but the condition of the entire kitchen should be considered. It doesn’t make sense to make such a large investment in your countertops if the rest of your fixtures are older and in need of repair or replacement.

Secondly, you should consider the cost of the stone countertops. Depending on your specific material choices, the cost of the stone can be high. And, this cost may not be recouped in the sale. Consider the rest of your kitchen. If your cabinets, flooring, or appliances could use some repairs or updating, a home sale renovation using stone countertops wouldn’t make much difference.

These kinds of countertops shouldn’t be looked at as a quick fix when selling your home. Showing some love to the rest of your kitchen might be the best financial decision if you want to sell your home sooner than later. If you plan on staying in your home for a while, stone countertops are certainly worth the investment.

Making the best choice that suits your specific needs can sometimes be difficult. So talk with a professional. Contact us today for answers to all your questions, and to schedule your in-home consultation today with Williams Fabrication in Woodstock, GA!

Why You Shouldn’t Think Twice About Quartz Countertops

Granite and marble material have been high-quality, high-end fabrication choices for as long as we can remember. But if you’ve been in a kitchen showroom recently, chances are you took a second glance at those quartz countertops. There’s a ton of reasons it catches our eye, and here’s why you shouldn’t think twice about splurging on quartz.

quartz countertop woodstock ga

It’s Durable!

Quartz is stain repellent and impervious to acidic foods. Granite and marble are also great material, but if you’re looking for something that’s going to withstand all your kitchen endeavors, you can’t go wrong here. It’s also resistant to scratches and chips, and it doesn’t require any sealing, which is a huge deal. Granite and marble often require yearly treatments.

It’s Stylish. 

It’s hard to make a kitchen countertop stylish, but with quartz it’s been no problem. Something about it’s stone aesthetic takes us back to a classic look, and because manufacturers have figured out a way to remove overly flecked and non-uniform patterns, it looks a lot more natural.

It’s Affordable!

Quartz hits a price point right in between granite and marble, however prices vary everywhere. It’s great for something you want to be long-lasting, not high maintenance and at a price point that’s doable.

Visit our products page for more info on the quartz we offer! You can also take a look at our portfolio, services or give us a call at (770) 845-0900. We’re the professionals and can consult you based on your wants, needs and style of your home. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sealing And Not Sealing Stone Countertops

The question upon purchasing granite is always the same. Do I seal or not seal my counter top? While it depends on your home habits, we highly recommend sealing it!

sealing countertops

How do I determine if my countertop needs sealing? 

This is an easy thing to determine! Simply dab some water or mineral on on the countertop and see if the surface becomes darker. If it does, that means the surface is absorbing the liquid. If the liquid is easy to wipe up and there doesn’t seem to be a color change, then maybe you don’t need to seal them quite yet! You can also perform the lemon juice and oil test, which will tell you how absorbent your stone is and more importantly what kind of stone it is. It’s important to figure this out because it will help you choose the best stone for the use you intend, or figure out the characteristics of the stone you have (like if you just moved into a new house)!

When should I reseal? 

If you’ve sealed your countertops recently, pay attention to see if liquids are repelled from the surface. Typically if you sealing was good quality, you won’t need to reseal them for a long time. Great sealants can last 15 years and over!

While you can seal countertops in your own, we recommend calling in the professionals for help! And at Williams Fabrication in Woodstock, GA, that’s what we’re here for! Take a look at some of the countertops we’ve worked on, and contact us for more info!


Declutter Your Kitchen Counters!

A chaotic kitchen = a chaotic mind. When your home isn’t organized, neither are you!

kitchen declutter

Why is keeping a clean kitchen always so difficult?

  • It’s hard-wired as a gathering place for the family.
  • It’s in a high traffic area of your home.
  • You’re always making messes with cooking; it’s just the truth!
  • It’s a meeting place for odds and ends (keys, mail, etc).

Here’s a few simple tips for de-cluttering your kitchen countertops. 

  • Remove the unnecessary. A huge cause of clutter is putting too many things in such a small space; and once it gets to this point, we become overwhelmed with organizing and putting away everything. Remove items that you no longer use, and remove anything in the kitchen that isn’t cooking related (miscellaneous papers, laptops, clothes, etc).
  • Get storage bins. While your cabinets and cupboards automatically serve as storage, take it a step further and label bins inside each one. Or buy dividers for different utensils!
  • Think about what’s important. Most of us keep our appliances (toasters, tea pots, coffee makers, etc) on the countertop every day. But do you really use all of these things every day? Considering throwing these into an appliance cabinet. It’ll clear up so much space!
  • Clean regularly. Instead of waiting for things to pile up into once big cleaning fest, tidy up each day. Make it a mental habit to put things away immediately after use. It’ll save you time (and your sanity)!


DIY Granite Cleaning Spray!

We’ve talked a lot before about how important it is to clean your granite counter tops. While they do resist quite a bit, damage can be possible over time; so it’s crucial to take great care of it! Finding a cleaner can be confusing however, as many are not aware that household cleaning products and acidic substances will actually ruin it! So we found a solution; make your own!


What you’ll need: 

  • 1/2 cup of alcohol
  • 10 drops of Mrs. Meyers Concentrated Cleaner
  • 2 cups of water
  • 10-15 drops of essential oils

All you have to do is mix everything together! For oils, we love lavender and peppermint. While the oils aren’t necessary, it provides a better smell vs. strictly the smell of alcohol. Be sure to shake the mixture well before use. Spray directly on your counter top and use a microfiber cloth to wipe it off. And poof, you’re good!

Cleaning Hacks For Stone Countertops

Stone counter tops are those that make your kitchen or bathroom look elegant, modern and stylish. In order to keep it looking that way, it’s important to take the proper cleaning steps!

cleaning stone countertops

  • Clean up your spills! Imagine your stone counter top is like wooden furniture. When you spill something, clean it up immediately! Products like ketchup, vinegar, shampoo, alcohol, etc. have abrasive ingredients that could really stain your surface.
  • Use cup holders! These will help prevent stains as well.
  • Make sure your surface is sealed.  You should seal your stone surfaces once every year to keep them protected.
  • Use clean materials. Use sponges, towels and cloths when cleaning your counter tops and be sure to replace the old materials with something new.
  • Be careful with cleaning products. Don’t apply scouring powder, cream or any cleaning product that has abrasive ingredients. Anything acidic or that has lemon or vinegar can be dangerous. In addition, don’t use soap or cleansers, as they can leave marks and streaks.
  • Remove dust. Use a soft towel to do this!

If you’re looking for great quality quartz and granite countertops, visit Williams Fabrication in Woodstock, GA! We serve the Metro Atlanta Area and have gorgeous surfaces that will transform any home. Visit our site to see a full portfolio and services list, or visit us on our Facebook for more home improvement tips!

Granite vs. Quartz: They Both Rock!

Granite and quartz are both fantastic options for countertops! Practicality, functionality and safety are key components to consider before purchasing a countertop. Here are a few pros and cons of each, so you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll want!




  • It’s natural! This material is 100% natural, which is why it’s so popular!
  • It lasts! It’s durable and strong! But be careful, because it’s not completely immune to cracks or stains.
  • It’s unique. Each granite slab is different. No one will have what you have, so your countertops will be unique!


  • It’s not color consistent. This is stated above as a pro if you’re looking for that exclusivity factor, however it could also be a con because this means the appearance isn’t uniform.
  • They need to be sealed. You’ll need to do this every year, as the countertops porous material can harbor germs, bacteria, mold, etc.
  • Seems aren’t hidden. It’s hard to hide the seems, especially if the stone has veins.



  • It’s super strong! They’re strong and flexible, which makes it easy during the installation process.
  • It’s durable! Quartz can with stand a lot, so it’ll be long lasting!
  • It’s non porous. This means it doesn’t have to be sealed! You won’t have to worry about germs and bacteria. It’s easy to clean and maintain!
  • Colors are uniform. What you see in the sample is what you’ll expect to see.


  • Discoloring is possible. When exposed to sunlight, it’s possible there might be some discoloring.
  • Seams can be seen. To hide these, pick a slab that has a strong pattern. They stand out more on solid colors.

Have any more questions about granite and quartz? Give Williams Fabrication a call at (770) 845-0900! We serve the Metro Atlanta Area and are based in Woodstock, GA. You can also visit our site to see our products and services and pictures from our portfolio!


Granite Countertop Care: Do’s and Don’ts!

Although it can endure a lot, taking care of your granite counter top is key to long term durability! By keeping up with basic care, you’ll help eliminate potential problems that you didn’t even know existed.



  • Clean up spills immediately! Acidic substances have the potential to stain your stone counter top, as well as cooking oils. Be sure to tidy up as soon as something is spilled!
  • Use a sponge. A granite or marble cleaning spray is key to maintaining a great counter top, however hot water can do for the time being. Be sure to use a material like soft cloth or sponges to wipe it down. Do not use dish soap or regular soap, as it can actually cause buildup (yep, who would have thought)!
  • Use pads. Be sure to use pads under your hot pots and pans. Because while it’s not likely, thermal heat can potentially crack your surface. Better safe than sorry!
  • Use cutting boards. Very sharp knives or other tools may scratch the surface.


  • Use generic cleaning products. Bleach, glass cleaner or other household cleaners will degrade the granite sealer and could cause staining. Also be sure not to use vinegar, orange or lemon cleaner or ammonia.
  • Use bathroom or tile cleaner. Soft creams or powders contain abrasives that can dull and scratch surfaces.
  • Sit or stand on it. While granite is a hard surface, they don’t have a plywood backing, so it’s possible they can break!
  • Use it as a toiletry stand. Hair products, nail products, perfumes, etc. are easily susceptible to spilling, so put these products elsewhere!

We hope these tips have been helpful for your stone counter top! If you’re looking to upgrade your counter top, consider Williams Fabrication for your next renovation! We’re located in Woodstock, GA and serve the Metro Atlanta Area. Take a look at our portfolio to see what we’ve done so far, or take a look at our products and services! 

New Year, New Home!

The New Year is all about a fresh start. We all have different resolutions, but what if yours is to re-energize your home? We’ve got a few tips for creating that perfect look for your home to start your year off great!

new year new home

  1. De-clutter. The best way to feel less chaos in your home is to de-clutter. Each year we rack up so much stuff that gets jam packed into drawers and cabinets it becomes hard to find everything! Get a few boxes, pack it all up and give it to charity.
  2. Deep clean. Check your house for mold, cracks, breaks, anything you think might be a hazard to you and your family.
  3. Add a few new pieces! Getting a little tired with the decor? Add a few colorful pieces to spruce up your home. Consider getting a few flower vases, paintings or new furniture pieces for something different. Even if you decide not to purchase new items, simply rearranging things you already do have can create a fresh new take on things.
  4. Keep it safe! There’s nothing more important than having a safe home. Check your locks, windows and appliances to make sure everything is secure and running smoothly. Consider installing a security system for extra safe measures!

Another great tip for a new home atmosphere is redoing your counter tops and other surfaces! Williams Fabrication is fantastic stone surfaces including granite and quartz. We have a variety of colors and have quick, quality installation! Want a sneak peak of our services? Visit our photo gallery! Other questions? Give us a call at (770) 845-0900.


Winter Color Schemes For Your Home

We love the deep rich colors of fall and winter. From your counter tops to your walls, incorporating these color schemes will give you a festive and fresh new look!

winter color scheme

Cream and Deep Gray/Green

These colors paired together provide a lush feeling without being too heavy. The gray will provide a calming feel while the cream will give it that pop of light it needs.

Soft Gray, Blue and Dark Brown 

A frosty blue and soft gray will set the stage for winter. The depth of the brown color will give you a classic yet fresh look!

Gold, Taupe and Soft Cream

Nothing will spark up your winter day like popping hints of gold! The juxtaposition of this color paired with soft neutrals like taupe and cream will create a homey, inviting feel.

Red, Deep Gray and Cream

This is a bold look but one anyone can pull off in their home. It provides the warmth of a blazing fire, the luxury of coziness and the rich feel of a classic look.

Williams Fabrication has the perfect stone counter tops to fit your winter color scheme! Our granite and quartz come in a variety of colors that will compliment any home. You can visit our site for a look at our recent work, services, products and more! You can also follow us on Facebook for all sorts of home tips and tricks.