Declutter Your Kitchen Counters!

A chaotic kitchen = a chaotic mind. When your home isn’t organized, neither are you!

kitchen declutter

Why is keeping a clean kitchen always so difficult?

  • It’s hard-wired as a gathering place for the family.
  • It’s in a high traffic area of your home.
  • You’re always making messes with cooking; it’s just the truth!
  • It’s a meeting place for odds and ends (keys, mail, etc).

Here’s a few simple tips for de-cluttering your kitchen countertops. 

  • Remove the unnecessary. A huge cause of clutter is putting too many things in such a small space; and once it gets to this point, we become overwhelmed with organizing and putting away everything. Remove items that you no longer use, and remove anything in the kitchen that isn’t cooking related (miscellaneous papers, laptops, clothes, etc).
  • Get storage bins. While your cabinets and cupboards automatically serve as storage, take it a step further and label bins inside each one. Or buy dividers for different utensils!
  • Think about what’s important. Most of us keep our appliances (toasters, tea pots, coffee makers, etc) on the countertop every day. But do you really use all of these things every day? Considering throwing these into an appliance cabinet. It’ll clear up so much space!
  • Clean regularly. Instead of waiting for things to pile up into once big cleaning fest, tidy up each day. Make it a mental habit to put things away immediately after use. It’ll save you time (and your sanity)!


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