Sealing And Not Sealing Stone Countertops

The question upon purchasing granite is always the same. Do I seal or not seal my counter top? While it depends on your home habits, we highly recommend sealing it!

sealing countertops

How do I determine if my countertop needs sealing? 

This is an easy thing to determine! Simply dab some water or mineral on on the countertop and see if the surface becomes darker. If it does, that means the surface is absorbing the liquid. If the liquid is easy to wipe up and there doesn’t seem to be a color change, then maybe you don’t need to seal them quite yet! You can also perform the lemon juice and oil test, which will tell you how absorbent your stone is and more importantly what kind of stone it is. It’s important to figure this out because it will help you choose the best stone for the use you intend, or figure out the characteristics of the stone you have (like if you just moved into a new house)!

When should I reseal? 

If you’ve sealed your countertops recently, pay attention to see if liquids are repelled from the surface. Typically if you sealing was good quality, you won’t need to reseal them for a long time. Great sealants can last 15 years and over!

While you can seal countertops in your own, we recommend calling in the professionals for help! And at Williams Fabrication in Woodstock, GA, that’s what we’re here for! Take a look at some of the countertops we’ve worked on, and contact us for more info!


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