How Natural Stone Countertops Are Made

Do you ever sit in front of the TV, enraptured by How It’s Made? There’s something about behind-the-scenes looks that captures our attention, and nothing is more captivating than discovering how the items we use everyday are designed, created, and shipped out for our use. Williams Fabrication is giving you a peek into our world. Learn how stone countertops are made, polished, and installed in your home.

How Stone Countertops Are Made

If you’ve ever seen an episode of the Flintstones, you know the basics of how granite, marble, and quartz countertops are made. First you saddle up the dinosaur . . .

Okay, okay. Here’s how natural stone countertops are actually made.

  1. quarry lakeStart in a quarry. A quarry is an excavation pit where stone is cut or blasted from the earth to be used in building materials. Some quarries contain veins of multiple varieties of stone, while others contain primarily one type of stone. Quarries themselves haven’t changed much since ancient times, only the technology we use to remove the stone.
  2. Fire up the equipment. There are three basic types of equipment used for fabricating natural stone: saws, polishers, and routers. Saws cut huge chunks of stone from the earth. Diamond wire saws (yes, they’re embedded with actual diamonds) quickly cut through even the hardest stone. A smaller bridge saw shapes the chunks of rock into kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, or anything else the stone destined to become. Polishers grind away the rough outer layer, leaving a gleaming slab of marble, granite, or quartz. Finally routers hone the edge and cut decorative designs so it fits homeowners’ specifications.
  3. Make it yours. Once the stone is cut and polished to perfection, it’s time to install a new countertop in your home. Enjoy the strength, durability, and unique beauty of your natural stone kitchen.

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