New Year, New Home!

The New Year is all about a fresh start. We all have different resolutions, but what if yours is to re-energize your home? We’ve got a few tips for creating that perfect look for your home to start your year off great!

new year new home

  1. De-clutter. The best way to feel less chaos in your home is to de-clutter. Each year we rack up so much stuff that gets jam packed into drawers and cabinets it becomes hard to find everything! Get a few boxes, pack it all up and give it to charity.
  2. Deep clean. Check your house for mold, cracks, breaks, anything you think might be a hazard to you and your family.
  3. Add a few new pieces! Getting a little tired with the decor? Add a few colorful pieces to spruce up your home. Consider getting a few flower vases, paintings or new furniture pieces for something different. Even if you decide not to purchase new items, simply rearranging things you already do have can create a fresh new take on things.
  4. Keep it safe! There’s nothing more important than having a safe home. Check your locks, windows and appliances to make sure everything is secure and running smoothly. Consider installing a security system for extra safe measures!

Another great tip for a new home atmosphere is redoing your counter tops and other surfaces! Williams Fabrication is fantastic stone surfaces including granite and quartz. We have a variety of colors and have quick, quality installation! Want a sneak peak of our services? Visit our photo gallery! Other questions? Give us a call at (770) 845-0900.


Winter Color Schemes For Your Home

We love the deep rich colors of fall and winter. From your counter tops to your walls, incorporating these color schemes will give you a festive and fresh new look!

winter color scheme

Cream and Deep Gray/Green

These colors paired together provide a lush feeling without being too heavy. The gray will provide a calming feel while the cream will give it that pop of light it needs.

Soft Gray, Blue and Dark Brown 

A frosty blue and soft gray will set the stage for winter. The depth of the brown color will give you a classic yet fresh look!

Gold, Taupe and Soft Cream

Nothing will spark up your winter day like popping hints of gold! The juxtaposition of this color paired with soft neutrals like taupe and cream will create a homey, inviting feel.

Red, Deep Gray and Cream

This is a bold look but one anyone can pull off in their home. It provides the warmth of a blazing fire, the luxury of coziness and the rich feel of a classic look.

Williams Fabrication has the perfect stone counter tops to fit your winter color scheme! Our granite and quartz come in a variety of colors that will compliment any home. You can visit our site for a look at our recent work, services, products and more! You can also follow us on Facebook for all sorts of home tips and tricks.


Keep A Clean Kitchen This Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a holiday we look forward to spending with friends and family. Oh and don’t forget; eating the best meal of the year! Cooking is a lot of fun during the holidays, but your kitchen might say otherwise. Here’s a few tips for keeping a clean kitchen while cooking this Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving kitchen tips

  1. Begin clean. Before you even start cooking, deep clean your kitchen. Make room for everything you’ll need on the counter, and make sure your oven, microwave and stove are scrubbed down.
  2. Organize! Get your refrigerator and pantry organized beforehand. It’ll make it easier to store and grab items as you’re cooking.
  3. Clean as you cook. A huge help for keeping a clean kitchen while cooking is cleaning as you go. Once you’re finished with an item, put it back instead of waiting until the end to clear off everything. You’ll have less mess and stress, and thank yourself later!
  4. Cook in advance if you can. Foods like pies and other side dishes can be prepared in advance. Do this a few days before Thanksgiving and you’ll eliminate at least a little mess!
  5. Get disposable products. When asking your guests to bring items, suggest they bring it in a disposable container. You’ll have less dishes to do at the end of the night!
  6. Get the gang to help. All this cleaning isn’t meant for one person; so spread the love! Ask your friends and family to help clean. It’ll go twice as fast.

Another thing that helps for a clean kitchen? A great countertop! Granite and quartz countertops are easy to clean, and nearly indestructible against all your holiday silverware. And bonus; it’ll look classy and polished for your guests! Give Williams Fabrication a call. We have the best stone countertops in the Greater Atlanta Area! You can visit us on our website for a full list of products and services, or give us a call at (770) 845-0900. And don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page for other great articles!

Choosing The Right Color For Your Stone Countertop

Choosing the right color for your kitchen or other stone surface countertop is both personal and long lasting decision. There’s nothing worse than installing something you end up unhappy with! So here’s how to choose:

Granite Countertop Kitchen


I should consider a dark color stone countertop if: 

  • I am trying to attain a smoky, elegant or timeless look.
  • I’m trying to pair something with light colored cabinets.
  • The room features large windows and a good amount of natural light.

I should consider a light color stone countertop if: 

  • I am trying to attain a rustic, beach or contemporary look.
  • I have white or light colored tiles on the floor of my kitchen, bathroom or bar area.
  • The room isn’t very well lit.

If you’d like a color wheel to look at, here’s one we highly recommend!

Did this help? Great! Because Williams Fabrication has a huge selection of colors for your granite or quartz countertop decision. We serve the Greater Atlanta Area for your kitchens, bathrooms or other stone surfaces. You can check out our products as well as our updated portfolio on our site. Have more questions? Give us a call at (770) 845-0900!

Top Reasons You Need A Kitchen Island

Been on the fence about installing a kitchen island? You won’t be after this! Kitchen islands are fantastic for a variety of reasons; storage, functionality and charm among song. Here’s a few benefits of having a kitchen island in your home:

Countertop Island

  1. It adds storage! It depends on what kid of island you purchase, but some have cabinets built in to allow more room for storage. Use it to store glasses, containers, cans, etc.
  2. It’s great for kids. It’s a great place for kids to sit and feel involved. Make it a routine to set out their snacks and lunches there, they’ll look forward to it!
  3. Extra seating. An island is perfect for parties if you’re having extra guests over. Set up your dishes on the island and have high chairs circled around for the perfect social hour!
  4. You have endless options for customization. Islands have multiple options for material, including granite and quartz (which we have)! Granite and quartz are classy, elegant and easy to manage material that will compliment the look of your home nicely.

Looking to finish off your kitchen island? Williams Fabrication has the best quartz and granite stone surfaces in North Georgia! You can check out a full list of products and services on our site. And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for updated deals, products and more! Need additional help? Give us a call at (770) 845-0900 and we’d be happy to help!

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Counter Top

Buying counter tops isn’t like buying gum. It’s not a split decision; it requires a lot of thought and consideration. Here are three things you should take into consideration before making your big purchase!

kitchen countertop

  1. What compliments your home? There’s a ton of different surface options out there, from laminate to soapstone to quartz. Pick something based on your style! One of our favorite is granite. Granite countertops can increase the value of your home, and it’s a naturally quarried product so every piece is one of a kind!
  2. Durability. Think about the amount of activity that will be spent on your counter top. If you think you’re going to be in your house for awhile, find something sturdy and durable, like quartz or granite. Granite is great because it won’t burn, scratch or stain.
  3. Price. It’s all to easy to pick the cheapest option; but this isn’t always the best option! At some point, quality might have to outweigh price right? Prices in counter tops vary, with solid surfaces and laminate being in lower range and up from there.

Thinking about purchasing a counter top? Williams Fabrication in Woodstock, GA has you covered! We offer all levels of natural and manufactured stone surfaces for the Metro Atlanta Area. See our website for a full list of services, or give us a call at (770) 845-0900!


3 Reasons Why Granite Is A Great Countertop Choice

Granite has been valued for years because of its durability and beauty. It’s dated all the way back to Egyptian pyramids to today’s kitchen countertops! While there are other available options, here’s 3 reasons granite has proved to be the best.

granite counter top

  1. It’s durable, and maintenance free. Granite has a holocrystalline structure, which means that the crystals that make up the stone don’t fully develop; instead, they grow into each other. This unique structure makes granite extremely durable and gives it that sort of “grainy” look.. Worried about harming it with a knife or sharp objects? Don’t! Unless you want to take a sledgehammer to it, you won’t see any damage.
  2. You have a wide range of design. There are many types of crystals, including quartz, mica, feldspar, hornblende and biotite. Because there are many types of crystals, the color of granite varies depending on which crystal makes up the majority of the given stone. The most common colors include white, gray, black, pink, and orange. Grays, greens and blues also appear, but not as often. With so many colors, you have many options; and it’s timeless!          
  3. It’s affordable. The gray, black and white stones are the most popular. This particular mix of colors comes from a blend of  hornblende and biotite crystals. Uniquely colored granite can often look like some of its more expensive counterparts so you can get a marble look at a granite price. Different finishes on the granite can also help you achieve a look-alike affect.

Interested in a granite countertop? Williams Fabrication is your one stop shop! Our warehouse is stocked with all levels of granite that we fabricate and install for you. Give us a call at (770) 845-0900 today!

Quartz: The Ultimate Kitchen Countertop!

Engineered quartz has quickly become one of newest counter top contenders in the past decade. Natural stone surfaces in general are a great look, with a shiny and sleek feel. Quartz counter tops are exploding in popularity, with U.S. sales increasing 60 percent in 2004!

quartz countertop

How is it manufactured?

Some quartz counter tops are made of quarried slabs of the natural stone, however the new engineered material is created through a manufacturing process that mixes about 95 percent ground natural quartz with 5 percent polymer resins. With that comes a super-hard, low-maintenance, and natural stone-look countertop. And bonus; a variety of colors are available!

Why is it better than other surfaces?

These counter tops are close to indestructible and a lot more sanitary than other counter tops. Unlike other types of stone counter tops, quartz doesn’t take way to staining or corrosion from cooking oils, liquids and almost all household cleaning products.

Interested in a granite counter top? Good, because we have you covered! Stop by our warehouse to look at a variety of colors, or give us a call at (770) 845-0900 with any questions! Or visit our website to see our list of products and services.